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Today I spent some time looking into how I should get to Kilpisjärvi and Treriksröset. Turns out this poses a bigger problem than I expected.


My first option was using the train, since I live in a city where the trains run north, this was a natural first choice. There are trains that run overnight, where you sleep on the train and wake up in Kiruna in the morning. But, and this is a big one. In Sweden you can’t bring a bike on the train. This means that I would somehow have to send the bike ahead. There’s one such option and that is using Bussgods. I could send my bike to Karesuando, a mere 120 km from Treriksröset, and then take the bus to Kilpisjärvi. So far this options seems ok. Now to get to Karesuando from Kiruna there is a bus. This bus goes once a day. It leaves at 14.00 and arrives at 18.20. Meaning that I would have to spend the night in Karesuando to catch the bus to Kilpisjärvi the next day. Since it would already have left before I arrive.

I plan to leave the day before midsummer’s eve and I fear that the Bussgods terminal in Karesuando will be closed when I arrive. Leaving me stranded until Monday. This lead me to explore other options.


First I thought I might be able to catch a plane from Stockholm to speed up the journey a bit. However, the plane from Stockholm to Kiruna arrives in Kiruna Airport at 13.30, leaving me with 30 min to reach the bus to Karesuando. And, that won’t be possible. So in this case I would have to stay the night in Kiruna instead of on the train, leaving me in the same situation in Karesuando.

Next idea I had was catching a plane to Tromsö in Norway. This is a city 160 km north of Kilpisjärvi. I could easily bring the bike with me on the plane, against an extra charge of course. The plane to Tromsö leaves from Oslo, a bit too far way for me. But, I found that I could catch a flight from Gothenburg to Oslo, change to the plane to Tromsö and it would only take me about 5 hours to get there, at the same price as the train. It even turns out, that SAS lets you take your bike with you as checked baggage, without an extra fee!

I think I’m going to book that flight and convince some of my relatives to drive me and my bike to Gothenburg.

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