Bike completed, first test ride

All the parts that I’m going to be using has arrived. I’ve put them on the bike and it was time to test it out. I stopped quite a few times to raise the saddle a bit, and alter the angle of the bars. It gives me a surprising upright position. I didn’t realise that changing bars would mean so much for the position.

Keeping my hands on the straight part of the bars they are just 2-3 cm closer to my body than what the straight handlebar that came with the bike was. Still a big change. The bike rides great and feels more like a tank than a nimble racer.

I also got a mirror for the bike, it was cheap so I figured I’d try it out. It was actually great! Stays in place and helps a lot. I no longer have to turn my head to see what is coming from behind. This is definitely coming with me this summer. Good thing to have when I’m doing many days on large roads with traffic. (can you see the cyclist that were chasing me in the mirror?)

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  1. Mamma
    5th April 2017

    Thank for the invite!

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