Planned route

Planning is a big part of any ride, no less this one. I figured I would post my planned route. It consists mainly of the E45, to be honest maybe too much. It’s going to be at least 7 days straight ahead on the same road.

After Mora I go into the woods just to avoid road 26, which I know have lots of trafic and no shoulder to ride on. I found an alternative road which is only partially gravel. Using trafikverkets GIS to determine the road type to stay away from gravel as much as possible.

I also decided to go via Jönköping and the old E4 which I heard good things about. Just hoping I’ll get that far ☺

Below is an embedded map of my route from gpsies.

Do you see that first uphill? It’s just before kilpisjärvi. I hope it looks worse on the graph than what it is.

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