More summer riding, day 9.

Another beautiful and warm day, I found myself riding in shorts and a sleeveless base layer. Still I had trouble cooling off and drinking enough. It was quite a hilly region with many long climbs. Not steep but they added to the exhaustion. In total I passed the height of Mount Everest today with more than 9000 meters climbed. Still I have coasted almost the same downhill. In total there is just a 500 m difference from Swedens northern and southern points.

Moving into Östersund there was a lot more traffic today, I guess I’m going to have to get used to it.

Today: 98 km

Total: 1041 km

The roadside can be beautiful sometimes.

The first horses I’ve seen.

The meter changed to 4 digits. It was reset when I arrived in Tromsö.

One lane just for me? Apparently not as the drivers took this as an opportunity to pass me two at a time instead of one by one.

Beware of the Beast.


Church in Östersund.

I went off on a shopping trip leaving the bags in the hotel. Using the bike without the extra weight, what a feeling. It was like the bike had an engine attached. Also, bike lanes, what a great idea! No need to glance in the rear view mirror every 5 seconds.

Getting a mosquito repellent, the little bastards have awakened and are pestering me.

It’s a real full size car!

It was time to replace my old and trusted cutlery. It has served me well through many journeys. Let’s hope the new will fill the empty void.

Tomorrow I will enjoy a late morning and a good breakfast before continuing south.

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  1. Lennart Degerhult
    2nd July 2017

    En sovmorgon, det är du väl värd! Kämpa på.

  2. Mamma
    2nd July 2017

    Hoppas att du sovit gott och att du fått en god frukost. Det är du värd efter det slit du haft..
    Jag beundrar alla bilder du lägger ut, så kul att se hur långt det kommit i naturen och att det hela tiden förändras så.
    Ser att du har haft lite dåligt med mat under resan då du t.o.m fått äta upp delar av gaffeln. Bra att du hittat nya.
    Hoppas att resten av resan går i ett huj och att det blir fler njutbara bilder åt oss!
    Bra kämpat och håll ut!

  3. Helene Lilja
    3rd July 2017

    Vilka fina bilder ? Bra där med nya bestick? Och de där urslingarna till mygg!☠️

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